The collection will kick off later this month

Bulky waste collection resumes

The annual bulky waste and scrap metal kerbside collection service will return to the Mid Coast region later this month.

However, Great Lakes residents will have to wait until May-June with the service kicking off in the Manning region from Monday, February 22.

The service, which provides residents with a hassle-free way to dispose of those larger, unwanted household items by placing them on the kerbside for collection, was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 related issues.

The later date will give residents plenty of time to begin cleaning up around properties.

However, MidCoast Council liveable communities acting director, Dan Aldridge urged residents not to begin placing waste out just yet.

"We know locals look forward to the bulky waste collection, but there are rules and guidelines in place that we ask everyone to follow," Mr Aldridge said.

"People often start placing waste outside their property the minute we announce collection dates, making our neighbourhoods unattractive and sometimes dangerous.

No-one likes to see rubbish scattered along our residential streets for any longer than necessary.

Dan Aldridge

"For everyone's benefit it's important to adhere to the dates specified for your zone."

Items suitable for collection include unused furniture and electrical appliances that don't fit in to the regular wheelie bin, to old pushbikes, lawnmowers or wheelbarrows.

Households will receive a letterbox brochure outlining when and how waste should be placed out for collection, while at the same time information can also be found on the MidCoast Council 2021kerbside collection page.

Waste must be separated into two piles - one for scrap metal and whitegoods, and a separate pile for general and electronic waste - and placed neatly on the kerb no earlier than specified.

"Waste items presented too early, or rejected items left out after the collection has taken place, are considered illegal dumping which attracts a hefty fine," Mr Aldridge said.

"No-one likes to see rubbish scattered along our residential streets for any longer than necessary."

Tip vouchers issued in lieu of the cancelled service remain valid until June 2021 and provide an opportunity to drop items - some of which are not included in the kerbside collection - to waste management centres for free.