Winghams weekly weather report for week ended November 15, 2020

Wingham's weekly weather

NOTE: Readings are taken each morning at 9am and represent the weather of the previous 24 hours, taken at Lanark Close, Wingham. GPS: Lat.31°51'43S, Long.152°2040E, Elevation: 35m above sea level.


Friday November 13: 1.2 mm

Saturday November 14: 9.4 mm

Total for the week: 10.6 mm

Total for November so far: 20 6 mm

Total for the year so far: 1117.6 mm


FCC, (fine, clear and calm): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday.

OCC (overcast and calm): Friday. (at least it was in the morning, thunderstorm with no rain in the afternoon).

SCC (scattered clouds and calm): Saturday.


(In Hectopascals)

Monday 1000, Tuesday 1000, Wednesday 998, Thursday 992, Friday 986, Saturday 986, Sunday 990.


Warmest day/s of the week: Friday, November 13, 33 degrees

Coolest day/s of the week: Tuesday, November 10, 22 degrees

Coolest morning/s of the week: Wednesday, November 11, 10 degrees

Next full moon: Monday November 30, 8.30pm AEDT