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The block and tackle salvaged from the wreck of SS Allenwood', recently donated to Tinonee Historical Museum.
The block and tackle salvaged from the wreck of SS Allenwood', recently donated to Tinonee Historical Museum.

Tinonee Historical Society has recently been donated an unusual item of shipping memorabilia - a wooden block and tackle complete with a length of rope which was salvaged from the SS "Allenwood".

The Allenwood was built by Ernest Wright of Wright's Shipyards at Tuncurry in 1920 for the coastal timber trade on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

In July 1941 the vessel was requisitioned by the Royal Australian Navy for use as an auxiliary minesweeper and fitted out. SS Allenwood was commissioned in September 1941 and based in Sydney. The vessel was decommissioned into reserve and at the end of November 1944 was returned to its owner Allen Taylor and Co on October 1, 1946.

Unfortunately on September 14, 1951 the Allenwood ran aground on a sandbank near Norah Head in foggy conditions and was unable to be removed and was sold for the princely sum of six hundred and one pound and dismantled on site.

The museum is very grateful to have the item to display.

Hall committee AGM

After six months of not being able to have a meeting, and with COVID-19 restrictions eased slightly, 11 Tinonee Memorial Hall committee and members met at the Hall on Tuesday, October 13 for the annual general meeting which was followed by the committee's monthly meeting. All annual reports including the president's and treasurer's audited report were presented and showed - despite the closure for some months - that the financial position was down somewhat but still holding its own.

There were few changes to the positions held and it is hoped that the next few months will show an improvement on everything and the hall will continue to be an important centre in the community.

The renovations and replacement of steps, ramp and guttering have all been completed and many thanks to Graham Reed for the great work undertaken.

Stephen Bromhead, Member for Myall Lakes, will be making his quarterly visit to the hall on Friday, October 30 at 3pm.

School news

Exciting things have been planned for Term 4.

On Thursday, October 22 the school will hold its P and C meeting via Zoom - so very different from the old days when we all gathered at the school library etc. Thankfully COVID-19 restrictions have relaxed slightly and on Wednesday, October 28 there will be a kinder orientation from 9.30am to 11am for those wishing to enroll their little ones at our great Tinonee Public School. All are hoping the days will be warm as the intensive swimming program begins on November 2 going through to November 6.