Remembering a swell for the ages

The East Coast Low that struck Australia's eastern seaboard in June 2016 was one for the history books.

The effects of the mid-latitude cyclone were felt from Central Queensland all the way to Tasmania, with five people losing their lives in floodwaters and wide-scale damage caused to property and infrastructure.

Along the NSW coastline, a record single-day average rainfall of 73.11mm was recorded on June 5, beating the previous record set on January 19, 1950 of 68.89mm.

The storm also caused one of the most impressive swell events in recent memory, with huge waves groomed by offshore winds buffeting the coast.

Great Lakes Advocate photographer Carl Muxlow was on hand to capture the waves hitting Forster-Tuncurry, where a crew of dedicated surfers were more than too happy to make the most of the epic conditions.

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