Further community input sought to refine MidCoast Cultural Plan

As MidCoast Council continues to prepare its first Cultural Plan to strengthen the creative community and invigorate the local economy, the community is being asked to provide further input to better support the region's thriving culture and creative excellence, now and into the future.

More than 650 members of the community shared ideas, beliefs and passions, during the first round of engagement for the plan in July, helping to shape a vision for the Cultural Plan that is anchored in local conversation and research.

This consultation also resulted in four clear focus points identified by the community.

"We heard that culture is about our scenic Landscape and Places, our resilient First Nations and rich Cultural Diversity, our talented Creatives and Industry and our dynamic Infrastructure and Spaces," explained Deb Tuckerman, MidCoast Council's Manager of Growth, Economic Development and Tourism.

"We have now prepared a framework based on these key areas, with an overarching vision and principles and we're so happy to see the plan taking shape based on what the community has shared."

This second round of engagement is an important check-in with community prior to finalising a draft Cultural Plan expected to be placed on exhibition early in the new year.

"This time we want to know what the community thinks about the draft vision, principles and key areas of the Cultural Plan. It's important we get this planning right," said Deb.

Council has made it clear that the community's involvement in the process is critical to preparing a Cultural Plan that meets local needs.

The second round of community engagement will run from September 30 to Monday October 26.

There's a range of online events planned, as well as a survey and smaller face-to-face opportunities for locals to have their say.

"You can also find some of our early research in the MidCoast Cultural Plan Discussion Paper that's available online on the Have Your Say page," added Deb.

To find out more information and provide feedback, head to the Have Your Say Page on Council's website www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/HYS