ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | Technology can help connect the generations

Technology can help connect the generations

Right now, many grandparents and grandchildren are forced to stay apart, which is very sad and frustrating for families.

But technology can help bridge the gap.

1.Make sure grandparents are safe and confident online

Be Connected provides great lessons for seniors, from the basics of using devices through to enjoying games and apps safely.

2.Decide which technology works for you

Check out the eSafety Guide for the low-down on popular social media, games and apps.

3.Prepare for a get-together

Make calls with grandparents part of your family routine, and think in advance of things you can talk about and show each other.

4.Have fun!

Some families enjoy interactive activities, such as:

- Watching sporting matches, movies or TV shows together.

- Playing multiplayer games online.

- Using videoconferencing to:

  • Cook meals together
  • Play music together
  • Enjoy quizzes, memory games, or scavenger hunts
  • Share old photographs or old family stories.

5. Be honest with each other

Nothing can replace getting together in person. It's OK to speak frankly about how you are feeling, while also reminding each other that the separation is only temporary, that your family love each other very much, and that you will get back together again.