The former Tinonee Court House/Police Station restoration is nearly complete

The restoration and refurbishment of the former Tinonee Court House/police station in Manchester Street is finally coming to an end and it is looking absolutely fantastic.

The building was originally built in the late 1880s and officially opened November, 1898. It served as Tinonee Court House and later as a police station and residence until the mid 1990s when it was placed on the property market.

On March 22, 2003, it was bought by the late Nick Cameron and wife Anne-Marie of the Wauchope area.

Nick took on the mammoth task of bringing the building back to its former glory and spent many hours doing so.

Unfortunately Nick passed away almost two years ago and didn't see his dream realised. But his wife Anne Marie and her team of workers have forged ahead and have all but finished the works, even down to the white picket fence at the front of the building.

Tinonee Museum, on the opposite side of the street, also benefited from Nick's love of history with his donation of the original picket fence, which now stands proudly at the front of the Museum building, and the main entrance gate posts, which have been installed in the Heritage Garden area.

The former stables from behind the police station building were reconstructed in mid 2010, and now also stand in the museum grounds.

White line marking

Many thanks to the authorities who last week undertook the repainting of the white line markings on the Tinonee-Wingham Road.

The workers appear to have missed a couple of spots near Alpine Drive to Bishops Lane and also at the approach to the recently erected Milbai Creek Bridge, but hopefully this will be fixed.

All we need now is for MidCoast Council to fix several large potholes at the top of Brushy Cutting and a couple between the Milbai Bridge and Mondrook so motorists will have no reason to swerve to the wrong side of the line to miss them.