Women's bowling results and news from Wingham

Eye on Women's Bowls

At home

On July 23 we played the third round of the Major Singles Championship in cold conditions; some ladies warmed up quicker than others to put some buffer points on the board.

The results are as follows:

C Kriss defeated M Hinton - 25/14

Marg was only three shots behind on the 11th end, still three shots behind on the 19th end 14/17 when Carol took control of this match slapping on a four pointer on the 20th end; proceeding then with a three and a one pointer to take this match.

C O'Donnell def G Bell 25/14

It was 12 all on the 13th end but Claudia moved into her bowling zone of concentration to amass 13 points in the last 10 ends for this match.

L Gilford def L Parnell 25/12.

Leonie was on her game from the start but Laraine did take a four pointer on the 10th end winning the next two ends, when Leonie stepped up to take charge for the win.

Thank you ladies for showing good sportsmanship in playing this hard event.

Social bowls

Bowlers played a different game on Thursday, that being Scroungers with three lady bowlers: J Stewart 58 pts, M Walsh 66 pts, M Hollebone 67 pts.

The winner of this event was M Hollebone with all three scores very close.

All three players enjoyed their game with much laughter.

This week

Thursday July 30 will be the semi-final round of the Club Major Singles Championship. Players:-

  • C Kriss vs C O'Donnell mkr N Sandford
  • L Gilford vs D Polley mkr P Weir

Social bowls will also be played.

See you on the green