Wingham Bowls News

Wingham Bowls News

Sponsored day

This month's event, held on Saturday July 26, was sponsored by Steve Knott and teams arranged by games secretary Barry Smith.

After the three triple games of 10 ends the eventual winners on 49 points were club president Greg Bartlett, Elaine Holden and 'all rounder' George Sinclair.

With 48 points were Tom Moore, Lillian Cross and Matt Yeark as runners-up.

Taking home good money with 37 points also were Phill Malone, Neville Bell and newcomer Shane Branch having his first competition game.

The 'BOOBIE' team was that of Alana Burns, Jo Duncan and Greg Cuttance.

Club singles

In a high quality encounter of 38 ends the eventual winner was Col Watson (current champion) who got into the final by eliminating Steve 'Kiwi' Matheson with a score of 31-27.

Jake Hinton now goes into the semi final with his good win over Peter Holden and the score being 33-18.

Club pairs

An extra end was required to get a result in the game between Greg Cuttance and Andy Slobuda up against Barry Kershaw and Kev Coles.

Greg and Andy set up a good lead by 10 shots early and held on to take the game 18-16.

Col Watson and Laurie Mullen with a number of multiple end results eliminated Jim Gillogly and Snow Trenchard 29-12.

Wednesday -'Dad's Army'

Peter Holden and Greg Cuttance with their +15 win over Phill Malone and Andy Slobuda took home the top money.

Runners-up were Jim Gillogly, Brian Williams and Tim Richardson with a +7 over Ben Wolters, Kev Coles and John Gillogly.

The 'Jackpot' went to a number of players and they also collected money. Following the presentation the monthly free meal was enjoyed by all those playing.


Club Triples and Minor Singles close this Saturday.

Annual bowls meeting

This will be held on August 8.