Tinonee getting creative with ideas for exercising mind and body during COVID-29 pandemic

Telephone pole trivia: Exercise your mind and your body while taking part in the trivia train in Tinonee.
Telephone pole trivia: Exercise your mind and your body while taking part in the trivia train in Tinonee.

First it was the teddy bear hunt. Now Tinoneeites have another family friendly activity to keep themselves amused while out getting their daily exercise walking around the village - telephone pole trivia.

Starting at the front entrance of Tinonee Public School, 14 multiple choice questions and one decider question (nearest guess to the correct amount) have been tacked to telephone poles on the right hand side of Manchester Street, right down Peveril Street, and left on Claxton Street up to the Bucketts Way.

The questions are all related to Australian history, geography or general knowledge - and not all of them are easy. And no cheating - you are not supposed to use your phone to find the answers!

"It is just an opportunity to get out and about, exercise their brain, and learn something!" said Simmi Valgeirsson, brainchild of the trivia trail.

Once the trivia trail has been completed the answers can be messaged to Simmi, who will then message back a list of answers and background stories to those answers.

Simmi has today also uploaded the questions to the 'Tinonee - business news and updates' Facebook page, so those who can't or shouldn't be going out, such as people over 70, can participate without leaving home.

Simmi has been preparing similar trivia trails for 20 years for annual get togethers of the Icelandic Australian Association, in NSW. Every year members get together for Iceland Independence Day, June 17, usually at a caravan park.

Simmi has called the Tinonee trivial trail the 'Billabong Adventure'.

"We own a Billabong caravan and we are part of a group of people who own Billabong caravans. We were planning to go to Longreach in July and I had prepared the questionnaire for that, so I had it ready here, and it occurred to me I can obviously use it here," Simmi said.

"I hope people enjoy these things and find it interesting," Simmi said.

I've been doing it a long time so I learned a long time ago that people actually really enjoy doing these things, by themselves or in a group, they like testing their knowledge."