Tinonee children goin' on a bear hunt to quell coronavirus staying-at-home boredom

Teddy bears big and small have come out of hiding in Tinonee. Photo: Ainslee Dennis
Teddy bears big and small have come out of hiding in Tinonee. Photo: Ainslee Dennis

The village of Tinonee has revealed itself to be a haven for bears, and we're not talking koalas who, as we know, are not bears.

Infiltrating the local bear population are a number of sloths, a quoll and a Tasmanian devil (just to keep the others on their toes), and a small number of other strange creatures.

They've all come out of hiding to appear in residents' windows and on verandahs to give local children (and not just a few adults) a bit of exercise and to put smiles on dials.

On Saturday March 28, Donna Yarnold-Metcalf posted on the Tinonee Facebook page saying it would be a great idea for the village to take part in something that has taken off across the globe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic - a bear hunt.

Based on the children's book, We're going on a bear hunt, people are putting teddy bears in their windows so that children going for walks around their neighbourhoods with their parents, while social distancing at home, can 'hunt for the bears' to make the walks more interesting.

Several people commented on Donna's post saying they had already put bears in their windows.

On Sunday night, Amy Clarke posted saying she was going to take her kids on a bear hunt on Monday afternoon, weather permitting, and asked people to put bears in their windows.

What followed was a heartwarming response, with many people posting their addresses and pictures of their teddies, who are eagerly awaiting the delighted gazes of the village's children.