Both Taree and Tuncurry cinemas closed on Sunday evening

Fay's Twin Cinema, Taree and Great Lakes Cinema 3, Tuncurry are the latest victims of the COVID-19 emergency.

As part of the Federal Government's latest response to the pandemic, the cinemas have been forced to close indefinitely shutting their doors to the public at the close of trading on Sunday night, March 22.

Operator, Peter Howard, said while this situation was unfortunate, the government was left with no choice but to clamp down on social gathering hotspots due to the irresponsible behaviour of others in recent days.

"The scene over the weekend at Sydney's beaches was pretty appalling," Mr Howard said.

"Clearly a lot of people, especially in metropolitan areas, were not taking social distancing rules seriously.

"Unfortunately we're collateral damage in the further measures announced on Sunday night."

However, Mr Howard believed the complete closure of the cinema industry would have been inevitable in coming weeks.

Clearly a lot of people, especially in metropolitan areas, were not taking social distancing rules seriously.

Peter Howard

"With the pandemic shutting down the cinema industries of major markets like the United States, China and many European countries, too many big releases had been pulled out by the studios," he said.

"There simply wouldn't have been enough new product to continue much longer."

Mr Howard acknowledged his staff for their diligence and support during what he described as a challenging six months for people employed at the cinema.

"Bushfires, then floods and now coronavirus; it's been hard to be in the entertainment industry when quite understandably the focus of our audience has been elsewhere.

"I know it was difficult coming to the cinema for a shift and wondering if anyone was going to show up; that can be pretty soul destroying.

"Being in this industry certainly offers highs and lows, just like a movie."

But while the cinemas are closed for the foreseeable future, Mr Howard did assure people that the normality of going to the movies would return.

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"I don't know how long this will all drag on but when it does pass and we are given the green light to open again, we'll be doing so as quickly as possible.

"The silver lining for us is that there is a real glut of new blockbuster movies on studio shelves now just waiting to find an audience, and we expect that 'going to the movies will come roaring back better than ever."