Wingham's Vampire Jet assessed by engineers

Wingham Central Park's Vampire Jet will be completing its health check soon, ensuring this iconic feature of Wingham is in the best possible health.

A grant of $10,000 from the NSW Government matched with MidCoast Council funding of $10,000, has been allocated for assessment of Wingham's vampire jet.

In the second stage commencing soon, scaffolding will be erected around the jet to enable engineers to undertake a detailed assessment of the integrity of the structure, and tradespeople to carry out some essential maintenance.

Engineers inspected the site last year to check the integrity of the structure.

While the base was in good condition, it is necessary to install scaffolding to gain access into the plane to inspect the connection between the plane and the support pillar. While the scaffold is in place, council will undertake some restoration works and repaint.

"These funds will enable us to ensure the integrity of the memorial is maintained and restoration works are undertaken to this important feature of Wingham's town square," said council's manager of community spaces, recreation and trades, Dan Aldridge.