Letter: painted roundabout a solution to dangerous intersection in Wingham

A driver at an intersection should not have to second guess what another driver is going to do; it becomes even more dangerous when you throw in rain, school buses and semi-trailers.

This bizarre game of Russian roulette happens on a daily basis at the intersection of Combined Street and Wingham Road at the entrance to Wingham. All you need is one driver to hesitate, or be unsure of what the rules are, and you've got a car accident.

It would be much safer if this intersection was a roundabout, with traffic coming from Taree given right of way. A roundabout that is simply a painted circle on the road, with signs to indicate that it is a roundabout.

We don't need a tree or garden in the middle of the road, trucks would not be able to negotiate the obstruction. if a truck runs over the top of the centre of the painted roundabout - who is going to argue? Who is going to go into the intersection if there is a truck in the middle of it? But when the truck has moved on the game of Russian roulette begins.

I understand that in the future that there will be road changes at the entrance to Wingham, but I don't want to have a car accident today.

The intersection is dangerous and it should be rectified as soon as possible.

Brian Byrne, Bootawa