Proposed zoning changes for Wingham township

Aerial shot of Wingham. File photo
Aerial shot of Wingham. File photo

MidCoast Council is holding a drop-in session at Wingham Memorial Town Hall at Tuesday, March 3 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm to focus on proposed land use zone changes in Wingham.

MidCoast Council are proposing moving from one residential zone to four zones: low density residential, general residential, medium density residential, and high density resident.

The general residential zone currently applies to Wingham, as well as all of MidCoast's residential areas, including Hallidays Point, Old Bar/Wallabi Point, Harrington, Taree, and Tinonee.

"Moving to four residential zones enables the character of neighbourhoods to be protected. It ensures that more housing choice is located close to shops and services, rather than being permitted in every residential street across the whole Manning region," it is stated in MidCoast Council's Regional summary: Know your zone, urban consultation paper.

What it means for Wingham

Retaining the heritage look and feel, while providing business opportunities, were important considerations when looking at future zones for Wingham, the paper states.

It is proposed that Wingham change from the one residential zone (general residential) to two.

Most of Wingham's residential streets would be under the new low density residential zone, under the proposed changes. Neighbourhoods in this zone are mainly made up of free-standing houses, with the occasional granny flat or duplex.

The general residential zone will be used to provide housing choice. Neighbourhoods in this zone could comprise of single houses, or a number of townhouses or apartments/villas, being three or more dwellings on a single lot. These neighbourhoods are proposed east of the town centre and in newly developing areas.

Council recognises uses that are currently operating in Wingham and contribute to the local economy, but are not in an appropriate land use zone. Some sites fronting Farquhar Street and Bent Street have non-retail uses that support the town centre and will be included in a mixed use zone.

Industries such as Wingham Beef Exports, Wingham Frames and Trusses, and Wingham Produce (CRT) will be included in an industrial zone to reflect their long term operations.

Changes to recreation and environmental zones are also proposed for Wingham, including the inclusion of the Wingham Showground in the Public Recreation zone, which is currently in a rural zone.

MidCoast Council's land-use planners will host the drop-in session, designed to help locals understand what zones currently apply to their properties, and to secure community feedback relating to proposed changes in residential, employment and recreational areas.