Be on the lookout for bushfire fundraising scams says Scamwatch

Be on the lookout for bushfire fundraising scams says Scamwatch

In the wake of the bushfire crisis across Australia, Scamwatch issued a warning to Manning residents about the prevalence of fundraising scams.

The organisation urged residents to do their research when donating so money can go to those in need, rather than those who would take advantage.

Following any disaster, it is common for people to want to help and donate funds. However, scammers exploit the generosity of Australians and often pretend to be associated with well-known charities, large business or government departments to make them look legitimate.

Scamwatch noted several scams in response to the bushfires, which include calls or texts messages impersonating businesses or government organisations seeking donations, individuals on social media and crowdfunding websites claiming to be fundraising where it is uncertain the money will be donated, impersonations of charities through calls, texts and door to door appeals and individuals claiming to be relatives of those affected by bushfires.

Residents who believe they have donated to a scam should contact their bank to report the transaction immediately, report the scam to the website it is hosted on, make a report on the Scamwatch website or call 1300 795 995 to report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.