Emergency water supply points being scaled back as demand declines

Emergency water supply points are being scaled back across the region as demand declines.
Emergency water supply points are being scaled back across the region as demand declines.

MidCoast Council is scaling back emergency water access points as the demand from those affected by last November's bushfires is reduced.

"We're pleased that most people have been able to recover so quickly in terms of their need for water, and of course we'll continue to provide some points for access where there continues to be a need," said Council's Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Rob Scott.

Water access points at Coglan Avenue Wingham, Beecher Street Tinonee, and Mill Street Krambach will remain open for those who require emergency water as a result of the bushfires. These points will operate daily from 7am until 5.30pm, and will be electronically monitored to prevent misuse.

Water access points to be closed from Monday January 13 include Bulga and Gloucester Roads at Wingham, and Gloucester Road at Nabiac.

"With the MidCoast region currently facing a severe water shortage due to the prolonged drought, we need to ensure that emergency water is being used for the intended purpose - for stock watering and rural domestic use and only by those affected by bushfires."

If you will require emergency water after the closure of the refill points above, please call 0436 936 696 to make arrangements.

Water obtained from the emergency water access is not permitted to be used for any other activities such as garden watering or pool top-ups.

With the long term forecast indicating very little rainfall for our region, level 4 severe water restrictions remain in place, and Manning / Great Lakes residents and visitors are being urged to cease all outdoor water use.

Meanwhile, in case it's needed, MidCoast Council is progressing plans to support the water supply for the Manning and Forster - Tuncurry communities by fast tracking the planned expansion of the Nabiac Aquifer plant and installing a temporary water desalination plant on the Wallamba River.

Visit midcoast.nsw.gov.au/waterrestrictions for details on water restrictions and tips for keeping gardens alive using grey water over this summer. You can see the daily water usage for all MidCoast water supply schemes at midcoast.nsw.gov.au/watertracker.