Wingham Golf Club weekly news and results

Tuesday November 26

The ladies played a stroke round for the Tiger Pins day sponsored by Graham and Lesley Steel. This event has two pins on each green and you pick which one to hole out your ball.

The winners were Neville Blanch and Wendy McLaughlin 63.75 nett. Next was Ashley and Debra Stewart 65.5 nett. There were 32 starters. Bball winners B. Braham, J. Bradshaw, G. L Steel, M. Earley, T. Eacott, B. Hodgson, D. Schubert, B. Bisby, N. Smith, P. Muir, P. Whiteley.

Wednesday November 27 Ambrose

There were 15 starters and the winners were Burners (Corey Armstrong). The winner of the lucky draw was Corey Muxlow.

Thursday November 28

The LJ Hooker Chook Run was won convincingly by Corey Scott with 25 points, followed by Mario Gundara 24, third Rod Priest 22 c/b. The NTP winners were on the third Dave Elliott, and on the seventh John Thorburn. Corey Scott was the winner of the LJ Hooker Umbrella for November with 82 points.

Friday November 29

The ladies played a two-person ambrose, and the winners were Wendy McLaughlin and Pat Marcus 34 nett c/b, r/up Lesley Steel and Debra Stewart. ball winners P. Whiteley, Jan Baker.

Saturday November 30

Play was another Tiger Pins for the Steel and Brown trophies. Overall winner was Graham Steel with a great 66 nett. Next was James Urquhart 67c/b, third Corey Franklin 67. Ball winners A. Paine, R. Clark, A. Yeo, C. Scott, G. Foy, A. Ward, C. Beattie, B. Siecker, D. Elliott.

Corey Scott won the NTP on the 1st/10th Wingham Plaza Butchers voucher on the 3rd/12th on the 1st/10th Jax Tyres Mone Vilayrack, 4th/13th Pottsy's Bakehouse Brenden Walker, 7th/16th McQ/Crouch money hole was won by Matt Lentini with 0.60m (Corey Scott had a bit of bad luck on this hole by having a hole in one but with the wrong flag, at least he saw it go in the hole), 9th/18th Bent on Food Peter Tait.

Sunday December 1

After some good rain the night before a par three event was played with a good array of trophies from some very generous sponsors, Ces Russell, Dave Schubert, Wayne Lewis, Franz Schubert, Larry Thompson.

Money raised went to the Killabakh Rural Fire Brigade.

Winners were ladies Pat Whiteley A Grade, Brenden Walker, Rohan Abbott, Franz Schubert B Grade, Corey Franklin, Adam Ward, Paul Ryan, Corey Scott, Andrew Paine, C Grade Ces Russell Dave Schubert, Reece Holden.

There were 11 nearest the pin prizes, and balls went out to 61 nett. A very sucessful day.

Events coming up

Saturday December 7: Image Smash repairs Monthly Mug, Drummond and Jax Tyres.

Saturday December 14: Stableford Wingham Beef Exports.