Ulysses Motorcycle Club Manning Valley Toy Run for the Salvation Army

Last year, bikers endured 35 degree heat for the annual Manning Valley Salvo's Toy Run, this year temperatures were cooler but predicted rain for Sunday, December 1 was the challenge.

Every year bikers gather at Wingham for the annual event to collect toys and donations, and rumble out of town, collecting more toys and donations along the way until they reach their final destination.

For the past two years, this has been Hannam Vale, but now they Toy Run is once again ending at Harrington.

Manning Valley Christmas Toy Run

The toy run is organised by the Taree branch of the Ulysses Motorcycle Club to deliver toys to and raise funds for the Salvation Army, who help out families as a result of the Toy Run.

Numbers were down this year, due to the predicted rain, with a conservative count estimating 160-180 bikers taking part.

Final financial takings are a little bit vague as counting is still taking place.

"There were many people who bought full books at $20 a book for the raffle, and the money goes to the Salvos. We haven't sorted out the final amount yet," organiser Mike Holmes said.

"Plus the Salvos have their own sausage sizzle and drinks for sale down at Harrington so they would have made some money there as well.

"Woolworths at Tuncurry allowed Bev to come in and fill up a couple of trolleys of food and drinks that they needed for hampers for families in the area.

"I'm happy and proud of Manning Valley Ulysses and all the people on the day that helped out and the bikers in general who always have shallow pockets and long arms. They're always willing to put money in and help out with charity in the area," Mike said.