Number One community to bounce back from bush fire crisis

The small community of Number One (north-west of Mount George on Nowendoc Road) has begun the rebuilding process following the bush fire crisis that swept the Mid Coast area this month.

Resident Marie Vockins was one of the lucky ones who escaped catastrophe. Others weren't as fortunate.

"We are truly thankful we did not lose our shed, equipment and animals when so many other people have lost everything," Marie said.

"Some lost houses out on Nowendoc Road."

Taking care of animals in the aftermath of the fires proved difficult.

"We have no feed for animals as little grass that was left is ash, so people are having to buy feed, but we were are all able to get three days emergency feed for our animals," Marie said.

If it wasn't for the prompt work of firefighters, the outcome could have been worse.

"We all cannot thank the firefighters enough," Marie said.

Number One is one of the smallest communities in the MidCoast Council local government area with a population of less than 30.