The last Wingham Farmers' Market for 2019 will be held on Saturday

Fire near Black Flat Lane, Mount George. Photo: Annette Mulder
Fire near Black Flat Lane, Mount George. Photo: Annette Mulder

The drought this year has forced many of our farmers to destock their properties, vegetable farmers are struggling to keep their crops alive and November has been a frightening month with the fires. Many have lost their homes and their livelihood.

Whatever your beliefs, take a moment to be thankful, be kind and supportive to others and celebrate the end of 2019 with your friends, your family and your local community at the Wingham Farmers' Market on Saturday, December 7.

Our farmer's market is a local market held on the first Saturday of every month at the Wingham Showground on Gloucester Road. The next market is our last market before Christmas.

This farmers market is the perfect place to purchase food for your everyday needs - food that is grown ethically, grown without chemicals, food that you are buying straight from the farmer and food that is fresh and wholesome.

Everything sold at this market is hand grown, hand cooked and hand made with fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce and they are all quality products. This is the perfect place to purchase locally made crafts and produce directly from the grower or maker. Is there a better gift to buy than something handmade by one of our local people while supporting your local community?

You will find a variety of different stalls featuring organic fruit and vegetables, a selection of excellent meats, free range eggs, honey, fermented foods, sauces, jams, pickles and chutneys. The quality plants and seedlings sold at the market are grown in the area and are used to the local climate which means they will grow rather than curl up their toes in transplant shock.

Among the range of handmade items you'll find children's toys, jewellery, aromatic soy candles, exquisitely made timber items from jewellery boxes to garden benches.

There will also be a great selection of wines and beers from local winegrowers, Old Inn Wines and Faulls Ridge and The Coastal Brewing Company offers a range of wonderful beers.

This is your last chance to order your ham from The Edible Forest. Their pasture raised pork from old breed pigs consistently has rave reviews. Most of the hams are already sold so get your order in quickly for your amazing ham. Also available from The Edible Forest are 'pork packs.' These value packs sell at $15 a kilo and include a roast, chops, bacon and sausages.

Come along and shop, have breakfast, listen to good music and enjoy great community spirit!

The market is dog friendly; there is plenty of parking and no entry fee

The market asks that you work on being environmentally friendly and bring your own re-usable bags.

Wingham Farmers' Market is run by volunteers. It is a non profit, community event helping support our local producers while ensuring you get the best products.

A great idea is the community stall where you can leave any excess product you may have but feel you haven't sufficient to have your own stall. This can be sold on your behalf with a 10 per cent charge. Fees for stalls are $20 if you have your own insurance and $25 if you don't. There is more information on the Wingham Farmers' Market Facebook page.