Greetings from Taree by Trevor Dickinson exhibition at Manning Regional Art Gallery

Greetings from Taree: Church Bottle Shop by Trevor Dickinson. Image supplied
Greetings from Taree: Church Bottle Shop by Trevor Dickinson. Image supplied

The team at Manning Regional Art Gallery is delighted to bring Trevor Dickinson to the MidCoast with his current exhibition, Greetings from Taree.

After years spent designing for the fashion industry, Trevor moved to Newcastle and became responsible for the incredible, quirky wall murals that have become synonymous with the city. He has since lent his artistic flair to many different projects, with a focus on finding beauty in the obscure.

"Greetings from Taree is such a special exhibition, not just for obvious reasons but because it's so different to anything we've had at the Gallery," explained Rachel Piercy, director of the Manning Regional Art Gallery.

"Sometimes when you live in the town, it can be harder to focus on what is really great about it, and we just love that Trevor's exhibition is dedicated to looking at our area in a different way."

Trevor presents a humorous and quirky approach to the highlights of Taree's unique cultural heritage, featuring beautiful black ink drawings often depicting the overlooked and everyday viewpoints of a town.

In Taree Trevor found a rarely celebrated side of Australia. He explained that although it doesn't have gorgeous beaches and there's not a great deal of beautiful architecture, Taree holds its own treasures that aren't obvious, but still deserve recognition.

This book is a snapshot of a distinctly Australian town and Trevor's work will appeal to everyone, young and old. Trevor hopes that The Book of Taree will encourage locals to see their town with fresh eyes and maybe notice details that have become invisible through familiarity.

He has previously said his art was influenced by a love of Marvel Comics when he was younger and more recently the human touch of Robert Crumb's drawings is something he's been inspired by.

Trevor's exhibition will run from 23 October until December 1 and the official opening is on Friday, October 25 at 6pm. Entry is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

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