Council response to camera controversy at Bight Cemetery

Council response to camera controversy at Bight Cemetery

Members of the Blight of the Bight Facebook group grew concerned this week when photos were put up on the group's page showing motion sensor cameras installed in trees at the Bight Cemetery.

Another post said that three cameras were found on the weekend of September 14-15, and there was no notice advising the public they were 'under surveillance'.

However, as the cameras were motion sensor cameras with sd memory cards, and not a closed loop CCTV video camera, MidCoast Council said there is no legal requirement for a notice to be in place.


Another member posted that she had been at the cemetery on September 17 when a council ranger arrived to take the cameras down.

On approaching MidCoast Council the Wingham Chronicle was told the cameras were in place because of concerns of vandalism after the laying down of headstones by council staff.

MidCoast Council also say they had been liaising with a representative from the Blight of the Bight group about the installation of the cameras not long after the community meeting in Wingham on Sunday, August 11.

The statement from MidCoast Council was as follows:

"MidCoast Council undertakes surveillance for a number of reasons across the region and does so in accordance wIth established policies and procedures.

"Surveillance was put in place for a period of time at the Bight Cemetery due to vandalism concerns.

"Council staff liaised with a representative of the Blight of the Bight group at the time of installation."