Manning Valley National Servicemen's Association seeks Medal for Gallantry recipients

The medal was awarded after the Vietnam War.
The medal was awarded after the Vietnam War.

Do you know of a local soldier, sailor, airman or nurse who has received a Medal for Gallantry since the Vietnam War?

Manning Valley branch of the National Servicemen's Association, along with other branches of the Nashos in the Mid Coast region, is seeking the help of the public.

The Nashos hope to erect a memorial, in a central location, featuring the names of local service personnel who were awarded either the Military Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Medal or Medal for Gallantry for action in any conflicted from World War I to present.

The Medal for Gallantry was awarded to personnel since the Vietnam War in 1975.

The Manning Valley Nashos are asking people to provide the name of recipients, along with rank, serial number and birthplace, or local residence on enlistment. Call researcher Don Nealon on 6552 1445.