Raising awareness and giving service with a smile

The CWA Motto includes the words 'Service to the Country' and that is our major aim in all that we do. Wingham members may be few but we serve with a smile.

Our International Day Lunch was a fascinating experience with our speaker screening stunning photos from his life in New Guinea, helping us to understand the difficulties of working among so many different groups and cultures, in the isolated valleys. All funds from that day will go to the Country Women of the World. ACWW has a project in New Guinea, with Mubalu Women of Hope teaching literacy, numeracy and sewing.

CWA Awareness Week, from September 1-8, is asking all people to be aware of Mental Health issues among women, and the need for support from, and for all women. Ask a neighbour in for a cup of coffee, meet up with some friends for lunch. As a community we need to look for those who miss out on a social contact life.

Afternoon tea

Several people have shown an interest in joining Wingham CWA. In response to their approach the Branch is hosting an afternoon tea at 2pm on September 14 and we would be delighted to have any and all drop in and join us. We hope to enlighten women on what we do and why we do it, and show how much the fellowship of other members enriches our lives. We are all so different but we all meld together to form a working unit.

Two members are on a shopping spree this week, buying women's undies and toiletries and children's clothing to go with many donated gifts, such as crochet rugs, to Taree Women's Refuge. One of our yearly contributions in our local Community.

Let us all remember, Mental Health problems grow with loneliness, let no one be neglected in our community.

We are not in the desperate drought position of so many CWA members, State office has distributed over $8 million and more is going out every day.

- JAC HYDE, publicity officer