MidCoast Council has composed a map and gallery of graves online

MidCoast Council has composed a map and photos of headstones incorrectly laid down at The Bight Cemetery, Wingham, available on its website, to assist families to identify headstones incorrectly laid down at the cemetery.

"The map identifies 59 headstones that have been laid down and indicates there are now 49 confirmed for repair with the remainder to undergo a more detailed assessment," council's director of liveable communities, Paul De Szell said.

"The map will be updated as assessments are undertaken and additional information comes to hand."

Council is asking family members to register their contact details online, to help develop a register of families to work with in the restoration process. Council says it would be appreciated if family members could agree to appoint a contact person to discuss the restoration of headstones with council.

Mr De Szell said council is currently developing an action plan to repair the damaged headstones.

At a public meeting last Sunday, MidCoast Council's general manager Adrian Panuccio immediately apologised again to the community for the poor delivery of the monument risk assessment program. Mr De Szell was similarly apologetic.

The monument risk assessment program has been stopped while a separate action plan is developed to review this program.

Mr De Szell said the program will not recommence without broad community consultation.

Council will also consult with its heritage advisor, Heritage Reference Group, the National Trust, Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW and the Office of Environment and Heritage to develop a solution moving forward.

"We will also continue to work with the 'Blight of the Bight' Group."