Appalled at desecration of grave sites

I am not a member of a pioneer family and do not have family buried in the Bight Cemetery. However as one who was a volunteer with the Manning Valley Historical Society and worked in the archives for 17 years, now a life member of that society, I have spent much time doing local history research of local families and I was appalled at the desecration of grave sites at the Bight Cemetery.

As a child we lived near a cemetery (not a local one here) and we did spend a lot of time there but it was always with total respect for the departed.

I still find it hard to understand how this could have happened and I trust that all the wrongs will be made right with the departed being able to rest in comfort.

It is now something of a joke to hear that work cannot be rushed into because of a rare orchid in the area. It is a pity that the same concern could not have been felt when the tombstones were attacked by council workers.

Glenda Smith