Why we love where we live: Dennis Smith

Wingham Eyecare owner Dennis Smith says Wingham is great for families.
Wingham Eyecare owner Dennis Smith says Wingham is great for families.

More than happy to sing the praises of Wingham is optometrist Dennis Smith.

Not only does Dennis work in Wingham but he lives there too.

And with more than 25 years under his belt one could be forgiven for calling him a local (he's originally from Grafton).

As most fans of the friendly town point out, it is the community spirit of the folk who call Wingham home that make it such a special place to live.

Dennis is no different but top of his list for reasons why he loves living there, is the town's reputation as being a good place to raise a family.

"Wingham is an excellent place to grow kids," he said.

"It's safe and there's plenty of things to do."

Dennis and wife Louise have three children who have all found a local organisation to support their interests.

Daughter Courtney, 21 was able to indulge her love of dance from the age of four at Wingham dance studio Munro School of Dance.

"That gave her a place and she made heaps of friends there," said Dennis.

Courtney is in her third year of university in Bathurst and has grown into a "very independent daughter."

Eldest son Aaron,17 might not be the sporty type but nonetheless he found his social circle playing mixed netball at Wingham Sporting Complex.

"He loves it."

Fifteen-year-old Nathan is the sporty type and a great cricket player. He plays representative cricket and is a member of Wingham Junior Cricket Club playing in the under 16s team.

Dad Dennis is the club president and "massively involved" with cricket.

At least for now anyway. With Nathan in year 10 at Wingham High School Dennis will soon find himself at a bit of a crossroads.

He's undecided if he'll stay on with the club or move on to other things.

But one thing is for sure.

Dennis is very happy in Wingham.