MidCoast Stories and Manning River Times partner in Our History, Our Memories video series

MidCoast Stories' Penny Teerman and Janine Roberts with Manning River Times photographer Scott Calvin.
MidCoast Stories' Penny Teerman and Janine Roberts with Manning River Times photographer Scott Calvin.

Some of the most unique, quirky and interesting stories in our region's history will be unearthed through a new collaboration between theManning River Times and MidCoast Stories.

Times photographer Scott Calvin has partnered with MidCoast Stories' Janine Roberts and Penny Teerman to create a series of short films, entitled Our History, Our Memories.

The concept came about when Scott created a short film of a walking tour Janine hosted for a group of retired men from Black Head.

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The tour, in collaboration with MidCoast Stories and the Manning Wallamba Family History Society, highlighted different sites and historical facts about Taree's history.

This gave Scott, Janine and Penny inspiration to relive some of the moments and milestones of the Mid Coast area in an exciting, visual format.

Penny said the series brings to life stories that may have been lost over the years.

"It's a different way to connect with people," Penny said.

She said the uniqueness of the series is through the blend of factual stories with personal recounts and experiences.

During the filming of the series, Janine and Penny took the opportunity to visit some of the sites they had previously written about.

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"We love walking around and uncovering stories that aren't that obvious and haven't been done before," Janine said.

MidCoast Stories launched in September last year. It is a collection of stories and local resources that preserve and promote our region's unique history.

From children to the elderly, the project has been a hit.

"It shows heritage is important to everyone," Janine said.

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Janine is hopeful the series will encourage more people to get involved with the project and visit the different heritage sites in the Manning, Great Lakes and Gloucester.

"It's also an opportunity to support local businesses by people visiting buildings and shops," Penny added.

Be sure to visit the Manning River Times website every Wednesday at 8pm for the latest video in the series.