Tinonee Topics: June 2019

Attendees of a workshop at Manning Valley Historical Society's Museum at Wingham. Photo supplied.
Attendees of a workshop at Manning Valley Historical Society's Museum at Wingham. Photo supplied.

Significance workshop

Another very interesting and informative workshop was attended by Tinonee Historical Society Members Jenny Cherry and Pam Muxlow last Wednesday at Manning Valley Historical Society's Museum at Wingham, which was conducted by Debbie Sommers from Port Macquarie.

The workshop spoke mainly about writing of a significance statement on articles which could be used to obtain funding for items held by the Museums and to better inform the public on the item's origins, ownership and the like. The workshop was a further extension of 'Stitches, Threads, Yarns and More' which has been conducted over the previous 18 months. Each participant had an item that they have been working on and gave a small five minute report on why it was selected and at what stage they are currently at. A further workshop is planned in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately Kylie Winkworth from Sydney's Powerhouse was unable to attend due to being delayed with her air travel the day before.

Tinonee Public School news

This coming Friday, June 14 will see the Annual Inter-House Sports Athletics Carnival being held at Tinonee Recreation Ground and it is hoped that parents, grandparents and carers will come along and support the students as they endeavour to do their best. The field events eg shot put, long jump and the 1500m have been held during sports sessions prior to the carnival due to the time factor.

The School is currently taking enrolments for Kindergarten for 2020 and any family thinking of doing so are invited to contact the school for further details.

The school has confirmed a booking at the Port Macquarie Glasshouse for June 19 when the dance group will perform 'A Day at the Circus' and then a further performance in 'Showcase' on Thursday June 20. 'Tinonee has Talent' has been held at the end of recess and lunchtime and some wonderful acts including card tricks, singing, dancing, with clapping and chants being given by their fellow students to those taking part.

Tinonee Friendship Group's excursion

Last Wednesday morning Tinonee Friendship Group members headed off in a convoy of vehicles to visit a nursery in the Port Macquarie area and then enjoyed lunch on the premises. Thankfully the day was much nicer than the previous one.

The Friendship Group meets every first Wednesday of the month at Tinonee Memorial School of Arts Hall and is open to those over 55 and goes for about two hours and includes morning tea for a small fee to cover costs. For details contact Judy Cluss 6553 1450.

Peg Leg Bridge works

The works on Peg Leg Bridge on the Tinonee-Wingham Road are progressing steadily and the new bridge is taking shape. The short delays experienced by the traffic lights will be well worth the delays when it is finally finished.