Tasmanian Devils at Aussie Ark enjoying the snow

Snow has blanketed Aussie Ark at the Barrington Tops, creating a winter wonderland at the conservation organisation.

Aussie Ark is home to more than 250 endangered animals, including Tasmanian devils, Eastern quolls, parma wallabies and long-nosed potoroos.

Located 1350m above sea-level, it mimics the Tasmanian landscape, meaning the devils feel right at home and the smaller marsupials such as rufous bettongs and Southern brown bandicoot snuggle up in burrows and nests to keep warm.

Tasmanian Devils in the snow at Aussie Ark

Being the end of the devil breeding season, the Tasmanian devil joeys are making the most of the warmth in their mum's pouches while they can.

"Aussie Ark is beautiful anytime of the year, but the snow adds a little extra magic to the landscape," Aussie Ark keeper Max Jackson said.

"All of our animals are used to this type of climate and have their natural ways of keeping warm in the snow. The devils especially are loving it, running around and playing in the snow."

Later this year Aussie Ark will open its first 400ha sanctuary. The public can donate this tax time to help the Ark achieve its goal. All funds raised will help save our native species from extinction. Go to aussieark.org.au to donate.

Aussie Ark aims to ensure our native wildlife has a long-term future and is home to eight species of endangered animals. It is the most successful captive breeding facility for the endangered Tasmanian devil on the mainland - starting out in 2011 with 44 founder animals; the facility now holds 52 per cent of the mainland insurance population.

Find out more at aussieark.org.au.

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