Closure of sister Red Cross branch elicits cry for young volunteers from Mt George member

More travellers are on the roads now Easter holiday have begun. This means we all need to take more care when driving whether we are having a staycation or a vacation away from home. Make allowances for less sensible drivers than you are and take breaks after two hours. That cuppa you have may just save lives.

On Tuesday, April 30, the AGM for the local rural bushfire brigade will beat the Mount George fire shed at 7pm. Field officers and the committee for the next 12 months will be elected. If a person whom you feel doesn't merit the position is elected and you're not there, you will have no right to complain during the next year. If you are new to the area you are welcome to join our ranks and come along. We need as many members as possible so there is always someone refreshed enough to go to any fire.

It was a sad day for our Red Cross Club when Camden Haven Branch rang our unofficial secretary to tell her that their branch is closing. They have been a hard-working branch for many years and have always been very welcoming to other members of this wonderful organisation. It is a shame this organisation which supports so many good causes such as natural disasters, misplaced persons due to war or other human tragedy, overseas or at home, is having trouble attracting new and younger members. The work they do is essential and always appreciated. The members of all the local clubs are getting on in age and need some new blood to keep the good work up. Please give this matter some thought so we don't lose such a vital organisation completely.

On Saturday, May 26, there is to be a dinner dance at Caffreys Flat Hall. The theme is The great Gatsby. If you want to dress up in the theme feel free. Call Lola on 6550 7593 to book your table or seats for the night. No bookings will be taken after 8pm on May 2. Music will be supplied by Ross Fahey and entry is $60 per family, $25 adult, $10 child and under-10 free.

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy your Easter Eggs and family time.