Wingham Bowling Club news and results

District Pennants April 6, 2019

No. 3 Grade

Playing at home on Saturday the visitors, Tuncurry, were the losers by two shots overall. Our rink of Steve Matheson, Phill Malone, Laurie Mullen and Peter Holden ensured victory with a 25-13 win. Tom Moore's rink went down by two shots and the rink of Col Watson down by eight shots.

On Sunday at home again and up against Old Bar the contest ended in a draw 3 1/2 points apiece. Again it was Steve's rink with David O'Donnell coming in by replacing Laurie with the result in Wingham's way 25-14. Tom's rink went down by four shots and Col's by seven shots.

No. 6 Grade

Playing Gloucester, the leaders, at home the result was a good one for us with a draw 57 shots apiece. Ensuring this result was Rex Dawson, Graeme Ireland, Paul Swan and Allan Watters with a 26-15 victory. Jamie Carr, Robert Allen, Justin Costa and Ben Wolters lost 19-16 and Dally Hammond's rink went down 23-15.

On Sunday at Tuncurry it was a very good victory for us by 17 shots and again it was Rex's rink with their 31-10 victory. Jamie's rink won 22-11 and Dally went down 28-13.

No. 7 Grade

On Saturday the overall result went Tuncurry's way with a 70-53, however Wingham did collect a point with the rink of Steve Knott, George Sinclair, Peter Brown and George Floyd winning 18-15. John Blacks' team went down 30-15- and Hunter Payton down 25-20.

On Sunday against Sporties John Black, Barry Kershaw, Lorne Pilotto and Mick Hollebone won 24-12, however the other rinks went down giving the opposition the win overall.