MidCoast Council's Re-Imagine Waste decluttering workshops

Does your 'stuff'' spark joy? Take part in a decluttering workshop in autumn.
Does your 'stuff'' spark joy? Take part in a decluttering workshop in autumn.

Long before Marie Kondo came along, MidCoast Council’s waste team has promoted the importance of ‘less is more’ through the Re-Imagine Waste initiative.

As part of the ongoing program, the team is again offering ‘decluttering’ workshops to teach locals how to make space in their homes while disposing of excess waste sustainably.

It’s no secret that clutter causes stress but there are plenty of other benefits to clearing out all that ‘stuff’ - you’ll save time and enjoy better health!

A cluttered home wastes time – whether it’s time spent trying to find something or time spent cleaning, decluttering will significantly free up time at home.

And there’s clear health benefits to clearing out the clutter as often the old clothes in the back of the wardrobe or the toys underneath the stairs are home to dust, dirt and even mildew.

However, while it’s important to declutter for your mental and physical health, it’s vital that it’s done mindfully and of course sustainably, which is where the Less Is More workshops come in.

“Re-imagine Waste is all about reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and it’s no longer good enough to fill up a trailer and expect the tip to take on your unwanted items,” said council’s Waste Program co-ordinator Amy Hill.

“While we’ve always appreciated the benefits of decluttering, it’s great to see programs like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo taking it to a much wider audience and hopefully this will spark people to join our upcoming workshops.”

Together with MidWaste, NSW EPA and MidCoast Libraries, council’s waste team is holding four declutter workshops that will show participants how to consume less and therefore waste less, and to reuse and recycle things in and around our homes in the most sustainable way.

While your stuff might not “Spark Joy” anymore, it won’t bring much joy to landfill either so it’s important to learn to declutter in the right way.

The first of the workshops will be held at Harrington Library this Friday March 15 from 11am to 1pm, and will be followed by others at Hallidays Point Library on Friday, April 5 from 10:30am to 12:30pm, Gloucester Library on Friday, May 10 from 10:30am to 12:30pm and Forster Library on Saturday, May 18 from 2pm to 4pm.

For further information and to register for one of the workshops visit www.midcoastlibraries.com.au.

MidCoast Council’s waste team is also running their popular Scraps To Soil workshops again this year ensuring they’re helping households to dispose of all kinds of household waste in the most sustainable way.

Find out more about Scraps To Soil by visiting www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/composting.