Floods in 2013 saw residents of Caparra being cut off and isolated for nearly a month.

Floods in 2013 saw Caparra being cut off and isolated for three weeks.

Resident Irene Hannan  remembers the event and sent us some photos. 

"On March 4, 2013 we (most of the Caparra residents) woke to find we were living on an island," Irene said.

Two of the bridges on Caparra Road were washed away overnight in a flood. Goldsmith Bridge was turned upside down and almost totally destroyed, while Granny Fahey Bridge was pushed off to one side.

"All our supplies for ourselves and our animals had to be brought in by helicopter for three weeks until the bridges were replaced," Irene said.

On March 13, 2013 the Wingham Chronicle reported the Wingham SES co-ordinated emergency food drops via a helicopter for around eight properties that were isolated. 

Granny Fahey Bridge was re-opened on March 20 and Goldsmith Bridge on March 23.