Mount George calendar events

Motorists are still ignoring the 60 kph speed limit on our roads. What has to happen before this matter is important enough to be investigated in the smaller towns in the area? Do we have to have a fatality to get someone to check on this blatant breaking of road rules?

I was pleased to hear the daughter of one of the previous owners of our former local store has been acknowledged as the first female commercial pilot in Australia. 

I had never heard of Nancy Bird Walton at any time in my education until I was teaching at Mount George during the Bicentennial celebrations. I then had the pleasure of meeting her when she unveiled several memorial stones in this area. 

She was taught to fiy by Charles Kingsford Smith and with her commercial pilot's licence flew goods to the people living in remote areas.

In 1988 she was asked to be the local celebrity to act in our area and visit quite a few sites to unveil the memorial stones erected there, such as ours at the local reserve and one on Nowendoc Road. 

Her exploits are being acknowledged now, with the new airport at Badgerys Creek to be named in her honour. It took a while, but at last she has been recognised for her achievements.

On Saint Patrick's Day there will be a social barbecue at Caffreys Flat Hall. This is a social get-together for people who like to meet now and again for a pleasant day and enjoy a good chat and let their children play socially. It is BYO everything and costs a donation at the gate to help pay for the hall facilities. You are welcome to join in.

Talking of Caffreys Flat, don't forget the dinner dance on Saturday, May 25. The theme is the Great Gatsby and you can come in costume. For information call Lola Turner on 6550 7593. 

On Tuesday, March 26, the Red Cross Club will be host a luncheon and 10 cent auction at the Mount George Hall.

The club welcomes new members, other branches and clubs or visitors to help us raise money for this worthy organisation.