Wingham Bowling Club news and results

Pennant Trial February 9

No. 3 Grade – Col Watson's team performed reasonably well to only go down by a shot overall. However the other rinks of Tom Moore and Kiwi Matheson were no match for their opponents.

No. 6 Grade – The better of the teams was that of Greg Bartlett and they were defeated 28-20. The other rinks of Phill Malone and Dally Hammond were unable to get close to their opponents thereby giving Gloucester confidence to got into the season which commences on March 9 and both these grades will come up against each other then.

The selectors will have some headaches in putting together competitive teams comprising of compatible players who will be representing our club.

In house trial

Players who will be available during the season and making up our No. 7 Grade formed two rinks on the top green prior to its final renovation. For all those involved last Saturday it made for a good outing as we close in for the pennant season.

Wednesday Dad’s Army

The winning combination of Brian Williams (first time this year), Ross Piggott and George Floyd with their +8 won the day by defeating Allan Watters, Snow Trenchard and Tim Richardson. Then with a +6 were Greg Bartlett, Barry Kershaw and Karl Castagnone over Col Hinton, George Sinclair and Winston Lattimore. With a +6 also were Peter Holden and Tony Baker against Ben Wolters and Andy Sloboda. Paul Hodges, Dick Connell and Allan Dodd got a +4 against Dally Hammond, Eric Weir and Mick Hollebone. Phil Malone and Justin Costa had a +3 win over Jamie Carr and Scott Hatton.

Friday Open Pairs

Twenty players enjoyed the conditions and the format of the event with the only four set win was that of Kiwi Matheson and Joanne Duncan. Then came Elaine Holden and Justin Costa with three sets and 17 points. Also with three sets and nine points were Glen and Laurelle Dennes.

Two set winners were Jim Gillogly and Claudia O'Donnell; Denise Matheson and Maureen Hollebone. One game winners were Michael and Dianne Clarke; Dally and Mark Hammond and just missing out were Greg Bartlett and Lillian Cross - also Pat Payton and his new bowler mate.