Wingham Women's Bowling Club weekly news and results

February 9 was the semi-final of the Club 4s Championship and what a long tough match that it turned out to be.

M. Walsh, N. Sandford, C. Willey, L. Gilford (skip) – 23 defeated D. Lewis, P. Weir, E. Holden, P. Marcus (skip) - 12. It was all Pat Marcus’s team for 13 ends, (score 11/7) then the cookie crumbled as they say.

We were forced off for a break of some 15 minutes under the OH&S banner for excessive humidity levels which proved not conducive to Pat’s team.

Team Leonie bounced back tenfold putting on 16 shots in last six ends. We were wiped out well and truly.

I did ask “what was said in the pow-wow session?” for future reference. The answer was short and sweet, “not telling”. Congrats to all who played in this match.

Social Bowls

J. Stewart, C. Kriss, L. Dennes – 19 defeated J. Stewart, L. Parnell, C. O’Donnell – 14.

J. Duncan, M. Hollebone, D. Matheson – 24 defeated J. Pedron, D. Polley, M. Hinton – 11.

Winners with the Smallest Winning Margin: J. Stewart, C. Kriss, L. Dennes W+5

This week

Thursday February 14 – the final round of Club 4s Championship and to play is M. Walsh, N. Sandford, C. Willey, L. Gilford vs C. Lockrey, M. Hinton, D. Matheson, A. Burns.

Also the first round of Major Singles Championship and to play is D. Polley vs J. Pedron mkr D. Lewis.

Plus Social Bowls. NB. Bowls game starts on the green at 9am.

Please, if you can be at the club around 8.30am mark to order lunch, pay entry fee/raffle tickets, apply sun screen cream and a catch-up with friends.

See you on the green.