Barrington Public School hosts the 2019 Small Schools Swimming Carnival

Barrington Public School hosted the 2019 Small School Swimming Carnival, inviting the students from the Mid Coast region to take part.

Starting the new school year with a bang, the event was held on Friday, February 1, the third day of first term, at the Gloucester Swimming Pool.

BPS was joined by fellow small public schools Bungwahl, Coolongolook, Krambach and Stratford, with around 75 eager swimmers getting in the water.

Although Barrington finished with an impressive six titles at the end of the competition, it was Bungwahl that took out the overall prize.

Students got into the spirit of competition and gave each race a red hot go, with the following results:

Age Champions:

Junior girl: equal 1st Xannah Harrison and Rani Meier (both from Bungwahl)

Junior boy: 1st Thomas Coombe (Barrington), runner up Charlie Coombe (Barrington)

11 yrs girl: 1st Irelyn Want (Barrington), runner up Myla Ede (Coolongolook)                                     

11 yrs boy: 1st Brad Rayner (Barrington), runner up Sam Smith (Bungwahl)

Senior girl: 1st Summer Edwards (Barrington), runner up Elana Pope (Barrington)

Senior boy: 1st Carda Stack (Bungwahl), runner up Locky Moulds (Krambach)

Overall winning schools: 1st Bungwahl, 2nd Barrington and 3rd Coolongolook