Mrs Jolly retires after ten years

Mrs Lyn Jolly enjoyed her ten years at Wingham Brush Public School.

Mrs Lyn Jolly enjoyed her ten years at Wingham Brush Public School.

Wingham Brush Public School bid farewell to Mrs Lyn Jolly at the end of 2018.

“On behalf of Wingham Brush Public School I wish to thank her for putting her heart and soul into teaching,” principal Kylie Seaman wrote in the school’s newsletter.

For Mrs Jolly, it was mixed emotions.

Being retired means Lyn and her husband Keith will now have more time and freedom to visit their nineteen-month-old granddaughter, Imogen, on the Gold Coast.

But it also meant saying goodbye to the children and teachers of the school she has called home for the past ten years.

“I feel like I’ve still got time in me but I’ve got to move on for other reasons,” she said.

Lyn enjoyed her time at Wingham Brush Public School, particularly because it is a small school.

“You know nearly all the kids!”

Fortunately Lyn knows the students are in good hands and admits it is nice to see very conscious young teachers are continuing at the helm.

Lyn started her career in teaching in 1979 after attending Sydney Teacher’s College.. Her first position was at Fairfield Heights Public School.

Seven years of teaching followed before a big break to have her own family.

Lyn and Keith chose to relocate to the Manning to raise their young boys and they settled in Taree West.

They have been in the area now for more than 30 years.

In 2002 Lyn returned to work just as Keith was leaving the workforce due to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Lyn worked as a teacher’s aide for 18 months then worked casually as a teacher in Tuncurry followed by three years at Cundletown Public School.

She then landed a position at Wingham Brush Public School.

Retirement also means downsizing and Lyn and Keith are relocating to North Haven to be surrounded by parks, waterways and beaches and to be closer to one of their sons who lives in Port Macquarie.

After all the de-cluttering required the couple can settle into their new lives and Lyn said she may entertain the idea of volunteering at a local school.

“I love the relationship you build up with the kids,” she said.

And the best thing about teaching?

“When you see that little light go on when they ‘get’ something you’ve been trying to teach them. 

“And the joy they get from learning something new.”