Mount George Memos

Hello readers. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a great start to the year. May 2019 bring you nothing but health, wealth and happiness.

How are you handling this hot weather? It has knocked all us oldies for six, I can tell you.

The Caffreys Flat hall committee wishes you all the best, too. 

They would like all those who enjoy going to their dances, whether for the dancing, the music, or the good food, to mark Saturday, February 2, on your new calendar as there will be a dance featuring with Ross Fahey’s music. It is only an ordinary dance and entry will be $12 for adults and $5 for children aged 10-16.

On May 25, and October 26, there are dinner dances planned. The October one will be a Halloween theme, so keep the dates in mind. 

I'm sorry to say we have lost one of our well known ex-residents. Last week Gordon McPherson passed away. 

He hasn’t been living here for quite a while but everyone who has been here for a good length of time will remember when he lived between Geoff Boorer and John McInerney, and worked at the mill. He will he remembered for his musical ability above all else. Vale, Gordon, may you rest in peace.

It would seem many road users are either very keen to get home after the holidays or have forgotten all the numeracy they ever learned, as they don't understand what 60 kph signs mean. 

So many drivers and motorbike riders are whizzing through town at such a rate speed that one feels like contacting the traffic police and asking them to spend some time out here to see if they can catch a few of them. 

Perhaps that might slow them down a little. Many of them are locals too, I'm sad to say.

From what I've been told there seems to be a bit of a crime spree going on at homes on Inglewood Close at Wherrol Flat in the past few weeks. 

I have it on very good authority, the horse's mouth in fact, that one home has been broken into twice in the past couple of months. 

On the first occasion clothing was taken. This seems very strange as some belonged to the man of the house, which could be understood as it was new, but the woman's clothing had been worn, and some was even hand crafted by the owner to fit her. 

It would seem the perpetrators must be the same size as the householders, doesn’t it? 

The second time kitchenware was the target. Bowls and a dinner set were among items taken, but enough dishes were left for the owners to use at meal times. Considerate thieves!

Once again it seems the thieves knew exactly who lives there and that makes it seem like the house had been under observation by someone who knew the owners quite well. 

One wonders exactly what the world is coming to when thieves are so blatant. The owners know all the items taken and will recognise if they see them, so if the thieves have any brains they won’t wear or sell any of them in town.