Wingsong Christmas Beatles Soiree at Wingham

On Thursday December 20, friends and members of Wingsong Choir are holding an open night of live music, featuring songs by the Beatles, songs about Christmassy ideals like love and peace, and songs that celebrate the summer solstice.

Wingsong will open with a sung Acknowledgement of Country based on the anthem Yil Lull by Joe Geia. Then follows an original composition by conductor Sandra Kwa, Eye of the Turtle, that highlights the serious impact of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans.

Accordingly, proceeds of the evening’s raffle will aid OceanWatch Australia, a registered charity committed to a sustainable marine environment.

Sandra has also observed that, here on dry land, Christmas beetles too have been affected by loss of habitat and a changing climate.

“If you google ‘Christmas beetles decline’, there are many links to sites posing the question: where have all the Christmas Beetles gone? This is a good time to remind ourselves that everything we do creates some impact on the natural world,” Sandra said.

The soiree will start at 5.30pm with a happy hour of shared food and drinks, and the entertainment will begin around 6.30pm.

All are welcome. Entry by a donation to the upkeep of Queen St Hall. 25 Queen St, Wingham. Enquiries Sandra Kwa 0409 269 939.