Wingham High School student video getting huge reaction

A video created by five year eight students from Wingham High School has gone viral – by Wingham standards – on Facebook.

Responsibility in the Ag Farm was a project undertaken by Isobel Butler-Kwa, Oliver Irvine, Dean Stacey, Stephanie Davis-Stone, and Shari Urquhart for their  Contemporary Issues class.

“We have a new set of core values in the school and we had to create an advertisement of what those things look like in different parts of the school,” Dean, who wrote and edited the video, said.

The group chose to do a humorous parody of rap, with all writing, performing, filming and editing done by the students themselves. The project took them most of the school term to complete.

Watch the video on YouTube:

Responsibility in the Ag Farm - Wingham High School

Five other groups also produced videos, with Responsibility in the Ag Farm being chosen as the winner by the students and uploaded to the school’s Facebook page and on YouTube.

Since being uploaded on Monday night, the video has now reached more than 11,000 views on Facebook.

“It’s pretty crazy that it’s got 10,000 views in so short an amount of time,” Dean said.

The reaction to the video on the Facebook post has been mostly positive. with many students taking pride that it was produced by their school.

"If anyone asks about my upbringing I’m just gonna show them this video,” Hannah Clarke commented on the post.

“A rap about the ag farm with the bats in the background is 100 per cent who we are today.”