Wingham Golf Club news and results

Peter Tait at Wingham Golf Club.

Peter Tait at Wingham Golf Club.

Tuesday November 27

The ladies played a two-person medley ambrose, and there were 39 starters. The winners were Nev Blanch and Denise Polley, r/up's Beth Braham and Reid Brown, third Fred and Yvonne Mason from Buladelah, fourth Wayne Lewis, and Robyn Dudgeon.

Ball winners were R. Clark, P. Whiteley, B.Hodgson, J. Bradshaw, L. Steel, G. Steel, W. Jones, T. Jones, J. Sayers, C.S ayers, K. Knapp, S. Bartz, D. Clarke, K. Giles, J. Ditton, N. Minett, C. Gates.

Wednesday November 28

There were 45 starters in the December Monthly Medals. The winner was John Daly with 67 net c/b, next Dave Irvine 67, third Lionel Fell 69,. John Srydis won the nearest the pin on the 3rd/12th, Alex Wilson was the winner on the 7th/16th, and Tony Shelly won on the 9th/18.

In the Wednesday ambrose there were 18 players. The winners were Big Mike's team, and next Donkey’s team.

Thursday November 29

The LJ Hooker Chook Run resulted in a win for Paul Muir 24pts, Graham Steel was next with 22c/b, George Legge 22, Brenden Walker 21c/b, Syd Gilfillan 21c/b, Reid Brown 21 three under par. There were 36 starters. The LJ Hooker umbrella for November was won by Paul Muir 98pts, followed by Nev Blanch 95, Graham Steel 94, and Richard Bridges 93.

Friday November 30

The ladies played an ambrose event. Winners were B. Tonkin, N. Smith, S. McKenna, r/p C. Andrews, P. Whiteley, balls Bev Hodgson, J. White.

Saturday December 1

Play was for the Image Smash Repairs Monthly Mug, and the winner was the one and only Col Tubby with 66 net, he also wins the C Grade MRD Electrical monthly medal. A Grade net and medal was won by Rohan Abbott 73, A Grade gross Rod Brown 78, B Grade net and medal Glen Porter 71, Gross Adam Ward 86, C Grade net Phil Hanlen 68, Gross Gary Croucher 89.

Long drives winners were A. James Urquhart, B. Steve Abbott, C.Tim Sky.

Nearest the pin winners on the 1st/19th Wingham Plaza Butchers Nev Blanch, 3rd/12th Wingham Gourmet Meats Rex White, 4th/13th Pottsy’s Pie Hole Steven Foy, Bayview Seafood 7th/16th Bill Osborne, 9th/18th Rohan Abbott.

Ball winners were W. Lewis, T. Abbott, R. White, T. Lattimore, J. King, R. Wilson, T. Martin, F. Schubert, P. Muir, C. Harrison 74c/b.

Events coming up

Saturday December 8: two-ball worst ball (Wingham Beef Exports).

Saturday December 15: Stableford (Wingham Cellars).

Sunday December 16: Top 10 hit out for the Bakewell Trophy.

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