Wingham Bowling Club news and results

Wednesday Social

Once again there were good entries, however some wind, rain and lightning reduced the number of ends usually played.

Winning by a 'street' were Snow Trenchard and Justin Costa with a +15 over Col Gordon and Scott Hatton. Eric Weir brought along Steve Baber from Grandviews and with Winston Lattimore they were the runners-up with a +12 over Col Hinton, George Sinclair and Andy Stoboda.

Roger Else is fast becoming a competent bowler and he and Jim Gillogly got on top of Brian Williams and Allan Dodd with a +11 result. Ben Wolters, Warren Smith and Mick Hollibone also finished with a +11 against Phill Malone, Lorne Pillotto and Keith Jolly.

Friday Nominated Pairs

Mark and Dallas Hammond broke their drought by winning with a draw and three wins to win the event with a +23. Also with three wins and a draw and getting a +20 were Greg Bartlett (again) and Alana Burns getting the runner-up money. Also playing were Hunter and Pat Payton with a +5, Peter and Elaine Holden, Michael and Diane Clarke, Matt and Lisa Yeark, Lillian Cross and John Black, Chris Willey and Leonie Gilford, Jim Gillogly and Claudia O'Donnell, and with 31 points scored against to only gaining nine points were Daniel Leadbeater and Warren Smith.

Saturday open

Eric Weir and his mate, Steve Baber of Kinsgrove, got money again by defeating their better halves Pam and Margaret with a +13. Laurie Mullen, Greg Bartlett and Jason Nicholson finished with a +10 against Col Watson, Jim Gillogly and Mick Labry.

It's not often that a team can collect an eight but Chris Kane, Claudia O'Donnell and Dick Connell did and they overpowered Michael Clarke, George Sinclair and Graeme Mansfield with a +8 result. Graeme Ireland, Lillian Cross and Mick Hollebone sneaked a win with a +2 over Dally Hamond, Peter Tindall and Ben Carney.

This Saturday is the annual Port day and there could be another full green.