Mt George celebrates the festive season with choral singing, parties, dinners and dances

There is little doubt that we’ve said goodbye to spring and that summer is with us.

The first days of the season have been hot enough to make sure we understand it is summer.

It promises to be a rather hot season so please be sure you and yours take care while out in the garden or on holidays at the beach and wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen.

Lola has asked me to thank everyone who made the dance at Caffreys Flat, on November 24, such a success. Despite the fact that the crowd was not as big as she had hoped she responded that it was a wonderful night.

There was a fantastic atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie and people who seldom dance were able to get up and try dances they hadn’t done before without feeling they might not be doing things quite correctly which has always been the great thing about country dances.

We all realise that we have to experiment to learn.

Everyone enjoyed their meal and supper as per usual so thanks to all who helped there, also.

An extra special thanks to Darren Williams who, having come from up near Tamworth, for his assistance after the meal when he gave a hand in the kitchen and did all the washing up.

It was a pleasant surprise for the “worker bees” who had been so busy all night and could have a shod break from work for a while.

The next dinner dance planned for the hall will be held sometime next May and will have a Great Gatsby theme so start thinking of just what to wear. I wonder if the dances of that era will be part of the night?

Hasn’t this year flown?

Pam Nipperess

Whilst thinking of dancing let me remind you of the New Year’s Eve dance at Krambach Hall on old year’s night, where you can enjoy dancing the night away and welcome 2019 with others who enjoy dancing.

Don't forget to call 6559 1375 or 6550 6511 for table bookings so you and your friends can be sure of where you'll be seated and ensure there is enough supper to keep your energy up until after midnight.

Today the Mount George Red Cross is holding their Christmas function in the local hall.

Members will make sure Santa leaves enough gifts for everyone who comes along for the luncheon.

The school children will entertain all before the meal and after as fine repast there will be fun and friendship and presents for all the members of all the branches and clubs who come to say a “well done in 2018 and have a wonderful Christmas” to each other.

We all look forward to doing our little bit for the Red Cross again next year so if you have nothing better to do today pop along and join ln our fun and friendship and help a worthy cause at the same time. We’d love to see you!

Remind all the children that it is only twenty four more sleeps until their best friend comes to all who have been good this year and leaves presents.

They are lucky they don’t live where the not so nice children get a lump of coal if they did not measure up to his expectations throughout the year. Hasn’t this year flown?