Wingham Chronicle office closing but it's business as usual

The Wingham Chronicle has been serving the community of Wingham and the Upper Manning for 138 years.

While a lot has changed about Wingham in that time, our commitment to the region has not.

And our dedication to our audiences and advertisers will not change after Friday, November 9, when we vacate our existing office at 63 Isabella Street.

From that date, we will adopt a modern, mobile way of working.

This means journalists Sam Brownrigg and Julia Driscoll and advertising sales representative Damien Gow will be accessible out and about in the town - always just a phone call or email away, and happy to come to you to do interviews for a story or to discuss your advertising options.

Many of our readers and advertisers have already moved with the times, and are increasingly using mobile phones and email to reach us, do business, write letters and engage.

And we’ve evolved too, with a purpose-built digital publishing technology that allows us to put out the newspaper and run our website from anywhere with an internet connection.

This modern technology means we can do our work from all over the town, and being out and about in the community will help us stay on top of local events and issues as well as provide convenient service for our local businesses who want to advertise.

But let’s be clear: we may be moving out of our office but we’re still here!

The paper will still be published on Wednesdays and our website at will still keep you connected between print editions.

We are simply transforming the way we work - just as the town and region we serve have transformed.

And you can always get in touch with us - we may be just around the corner!

You can still expect to see journalists Sam and Julia attending local events, and will stay in regular contact with local businesses for their advertising solutions.

For those who prefer to catch up face-to-face, or to contribute hard copy, we will be advertising soon in the paper and online where you can come and meet us around the town.

And if you’d like to arrange for us to visit you or your organisation or business, just get in touch.

Journalist Sam Brownrigg can be reached by emailing or by phoning or texting 0428 552 594, Julia can be reached by emailing or phoning or texting 0419 377 894. Or you can send a message via our Facebook page at

Media Sales Representative Damien Gow can be reached via email or by phoning or texting 0448 042 125.

We are proud of the work we do here at the Wingham Chronicle and we thank you, our loyal audience and advertisers, for your continuing support.