Pins found in strawberries purchased at Coles Wingham

Photos posted by Chantal Faugeras on Facebook.
Photos posted by Chantal Faugeras on Facebook.

After several incidents were discovered in Queensland over the past week, the ‘needle in the strawberry saga’ has reached the Manning Valley.

Wingham resident, Chantal Faugeras posted on Facebook that she had found three pins in a punnet of strawberries purchased at the Coles in Wingham.

She indicated that she was already aware of the occurrences in Queensland.

Chantal posted that she brought strawberries on Wednesday September 12 after her children had put them in the trolley, not noting what brand they were.

She claims the pins where found in the 'Delightful' brand of strawberries.

“My daughter noticed it after biting into the strawberry and felt the pin sticking out so she brought the lot to me and I was mortified after inspecting the strawberry,” Chantal explained.

“I squashed the other strawberries and found two other (pins).

“I briefly heard about the Queensland issue but thought it was Woolworths only.

“My daughter was lucky she didn't swallow it. She had already eaten half of it when she found the pin,” she said.

A spokesperson for Coles has confirmed they are speaking to the customer about the Wingham incident.

“Coles takes the safety of the food we sell seriously and we are working with our suppliers, police and state health regulators to investigate,” the spokesperson said.

“The safety of our customers is our priority and anyone concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

“Queensland Health has warned people should cut up all strawberries before consuming them.”

The matter is being handled by the Queensland Police.

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