Forster-Tuncurry and Wingham Small Bore Rifle Club news

Club Championship round September 6

Very close for the minors. In the open sight competition Brian Mavin and John Russell are having a very close battle for the minors.

This week Mavin shot 188/200 to Russell’s 187/200 to give Mavin a one point gap for second place in the championship, but there is still a long way to go.

It is interesting to note that newer shooters Caelum McCarthy, Rhonda Cassar and Sharron Ashby are closing the gap on the more experienced shooters in the club.

In the scope class Duncan Robinson is a class ahead of the rest with his work ethic. Robinson competes at local, district and state level competitions and is gaining experience and is the favourite to take the title for the third year in a row. 

Scores for this week were:

Scoped Class

  • Duncan Robinson 197
  • Christina Adams 190

Open Sights Class

  • Tony Moon 190
  • Brian Mavin 188
  • John Russell 187
  • Barry White 187
  • Caelum McCarthy 184
  • Sharron Ashby 180
  • Rhonda Cassar 169
  • Gordon Higgins 164
  • Frank Alcott 157