CBA Wingham raising money for Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

It was all about flannies and food on Bent Street on Thursday, July 26.

Staff in local businesses in Bent and Isabella Streets wore flannelette shirts to get into a ‘farmer theme’ for the day, all in aid of the CBA Wingham branch’s mission to raise $15,000 for the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

Rotary joined the party outside the Commonwealth Bank providing a sausage sizzle for passers by, with Wingham Gourmet Meat and Chicken donating sausages, and the Commonwealth Bank providing the bread and butter.

“We sold 13 kilograms of sausages! That’s how much we sold on Thursday. That’s how much Rotary cooked,” CBA Wingham branch manager Jaime Mathiske said.

“And I was up and down that hill getting more bread and more sausages. My legs were running!

“God love those Rotary guys, without them, I would have been absolutely lost.”

God love the Rotary guys, indeed. As well as providing the sausage sangers for confused passers by and those in the know, they also handed over a donation cheque for $1000 to the CBA. With donations of $20 buying one bale of hay, that’s 50 bales of hay just from Rotary alone.

Jaimie rallied other Wingham professionals and store owners to the cause, with many helping sell raffle tickets and taking donations on the bank’s behalf.

Greg and Lauren Newell of Linga Longa Farm have been raising money at the Carriageworks Markets in Sydney.

Walk along the main streets of Wingham, and you will still find farmer-themed window displays. Businesses, and the bank, are still selling raffle tickets.

The raffle is not due to be drawn until August 17, “when we wear our flannelette shirts again – every single branch in regional NSW/ACT will be wearing their flannelette shirts that day as well,” Jaime said.

The branch is well on their way to reaching their target. At the time of going to print, they have raised $13,487.35.

“We’re just blown away by the support and the community who’s getting behind it,” Jaime said. 

So let’s do it, Wingham, let’s help them crack $15,000. There is still plenty of time to make a donation of $20 and buy raffle tickets.